Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy
Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy
Air Date
Season 04
Episode Number 07
Proceeded By Mime Your Own Business
Followed By Evil Jerry

Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy is episode 7 of Season 4.



The Miss Beverly Hills pageant is only days away. Among this year's hopeful contestants are Mandy and Clover. In order to get that extra winning edge, both Mandy and Clover unwittingly decide to get a special full-body makeover that promises to make their hair, smiles, eyes, and even their attitudes bigger.

But as they are getting their treatment, a shadowy figure enters into the spa and puts a microchip into Mandy's machine. Mandy is pleased with the results of her treatment which worked better than Clover's. Later on during a Volleyball game the girls are shocked to see that Mandy is now a head taller than them and much stronger, and proceeds to effortlessly beat them, but getting angry when her growth causes her feet to start tearing through her shoes.

As the spies start to investigate a series of disappearances among Miss Beverly Hills contestants, they find out that Mandy, who has now grown fifty feet tall, is behind the crimes! They also discover that along with becoming bigger physically, Mandy's meanness has also become magnified. In an effort to win the competition, she's decided to take out the other contestants. Can the spies stop this monolithic Mandy whilst also determining who that shadowy figure was?

In the B-story, Clover tries several talents, such as including tap dancing and juggling, so she can win the Miss Beverly Hills competition.


Villian Gadget



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