Alpha Centauri is an outer space themed boy band featured in the episode "Spies in Space". Their members are lead singer Ziggy, and his bandmates Blackhole and Supernova who play guitar and drums.

In the episode, Alpha Centauri was on their way to the Moon in order to perform a concert when they are attacked by aliens. It is later revealed that Ziggy and his robot alien had kidnapped his two bandmates, Blackhole and Supernova, so he could use their moon concert to launch a solo career for himself. He was eventually captured and sent to the WOOHP Prison.

After being defeated, Ziggy was told that Supernova and Blackhole were going to do the concert without him. He claimed, "Without me you're nothing", but his bandmates pointed out, "Not really. All we need is a new lead singer." Sam, Clover, and Alex sang at the concert in Ziggy's place.


  • The name is from the star Alpha Centauri.
  • Ziggy and Muffy Peprich both wear punk make-up. Ziggy has a purple star over his left eye (Muffy has a blue star over her right eye) like Paul Stanley of the rock band Kiss, who has a black star over his right eye.


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