Air Date March 9, 2001
Season 01
Episode Number 14
Proceeded By Shrinking
Followed By Wild Style

Aliens is episode 14 of Season 1.



The girls go undercover to discover why people are suddenly disappearing into the sky. In the B-story, Alexandra tries to pass the Beverly Hills High Driver's Education Course.



  • Beverly Hills High has a Driver's Education Course.
  • Sagan Hawking's name is a reference to Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking.
  • GOOPER (Global Organization Of Pilfering Extraterrestrial Resources)
  • The aliens are the grey aliens with green skin and pointed ears.
  • The aliens use crop circles as distress signals.
  • The aliens that Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra meet are an elite team of spies and their boss is named Ja-Rey.
  • Alex is a Virgo.
  • When the girls are in their farm disguises, Sam and Clover are wearing each others signature colors.
  • Alex has used the Jetpack Backpack without problem in previous episodes, but in this episode she can barely use it right.
  • WOOHP has an agent named Morrison who frequently trips over the generator cable.
  • Goof: When the girls get WOOHPed to Jerry's office and the lights flicker, the center of the flowers on Clover's pants keep changing from light blue to orange.