Alice, Pam, Crimson are 3 former WOOHP agents from the spy team before Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra. Their only appearance was in the Season 1 episode "Spies vs. Spies".

Seven years before that episode, they were captured by a villain they were trying to catch and were never found by WOOHP, and were presumed to be dead. They were actually under the mind-control of Edison, the villain they were trying to catch, an eco-terrorist who wanted to sell solar power on auction.

The trio appears to save Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra while inside their WOOHP submarine has been damaged before a robot spider grenade is about to explode towards them while in their scuba-diving suits during their mission about the pipeline that Jerry Lewis sent them to. When their damaged submarine was released from the ocean waters via ship. Alice, Pam and Crimson are revealed after removing their scuba-diver suits much to the girls' horribly surprised to see them. Back at WOOHP headquarters Jerry finally reunites his previous spy team much to the girls jealousy toward them. Sam was asking about what happened to Edison and Crimson replies that he might be anywhere. Sam asks them how did they get in the pipeline much to the trio's suspicions towards them. When the alarm sounds, Jerry reveals that the culprit's next target was the hydro electrical plant. Alex calmly agrees but Jerry tells them to go with Pam's team together much to their disdain. Pam tells them to check the hydro electrical plant on the lower level as they split up when the girls are very suspicious on their actions. The girls investigate the lower grounds until they found another robot spider and it's the same spider from earlier. The girls reveal that the trio arrives the scene and Alice kicks the same spider and lands on the water but outside they let the girls fall into the waterway. The girls arrive back into WOOHP and are later forced to retire by Jerry and using Pam's team instead.

When the girls investigate themselves using the WOOHP jet and they fall into the underground and they discover an enemies' underground base. The girls are hiding in the water to spy on Alice, Pam, and Crimson who are working with Edison in which Jerry was unaware of their actions that they are responsible for blowing the hydro electrical plants which are Edison's motives to destroy it. Clover became pissed after saying that they cannot beat them she was dragged by Sam as Pam discovers them ordering Alice and Crimson to go with her and knocks the girls down with their Expandable Cable Bungee Belts.  The girls were angered to see the trio as traitors to WOOHP and Edison finally tells them about what happened seven years ago and revealing that he put them with mind control patches at the back of their necks to work with him to destroy the electric plants. Edison showing his motives to destroy the world's power plant much to the girls shock and wants to sell solar power on auction to get millions of dollars. After this, the trio arrogantly tells them that they cannot beat them much to the girls annoyance. However a giant robot spider explosive came to get rid of them. Sam wants to tell Jerry about the trio but it was turned off due to their retirement. The girls became cocoons as Clover manage to get out and sprays her friends using the Liquid Nitrogen Breathspray and reveals that Clover carries a back up gadget as they need to stop Edison and the previous WOOHP spy team traitors once and for all.

At Night, Edison finally activates the solar power machine to make the sun come out. The girls arrive to deal the trio. The girls and the trio are having a street brawl between them as spies and they are equally matched in terms of hand to hand combat. Edison was shock to see the girls are having a brawl he orders Pam's team to eliminate them. Pam and Sam are brawling inside Edison's machine as Sam manage to knocks Pam on the machine as the solar power machine reverses back into night. Sam, Clover and Alex were defeated by the trio as Sam does not giving up saying that they're going to reintroduce to an old friend which is the exploded robot spider that they manage to deal as she throws to the solar power machine as it sticks. The girls manage to dive in the ocean to escape but handling the ropes as the trio didn't make to stop the spider as it exploded knocking the trio in the process and the solar power machine that Edison created was destroyed as his plans are been foiled.       

When Alice, Pam, and Crimson were freed from the mind control by Sam, Clover and Alex after removing the mind control patches on the back of their necks Edison quickly flees as he rides with a motor boat but it was caught by Jerry from his WOOHP submarine as his men arrests him. After Edison was arrested for his crimes he asked the older agents to stay at WOOHP, but they declined, as they decided to retire from spying entirely (they also wanted to help rebuild the power plants that were destroyed to make up for what they did when they were under Edison's mind control) and they leave via WOOHP helicopter in their casual clothes making Jerry rehires the girls for the mistake he made for them.


  • Alice -- Alexandra
    • Color on Edison’s catsuit -- Golden yellow
    • Eye color -- Green (Alice) / Brown (Alex)
    • Hair color -- Black
    • Hair length -- long (Alice) / short (Alex)
  • Pam -- Clover
    • Color on Edison’s catsuit -- Red
    • Eye color -- Blue Green (Pam) / Blue (Clover)
    • Hair color -- Blond
    • Hair length -- long (Pam) / short (Clover)
  • Crimson -- Samantha
    • Color on Edison’s catsuit -- Green
    • Eye color -- Brown (Crimson) / Green (Sam)
    • Hair color -- Red
    • Hair length -- short (Crimson) / long (Sam)


  • Alice (Alex's counterpart) -- Dark purple, Black and golden yellow
  • Pam (Clover's counterpart) -- Violet, Black and red
  • Crimson (Sam's counterpart) -- Light blue, Black and green


  • Pam has a resemblance to the young Lewis.
  • They appear in "WOOHP-Ahoy!"
  • They appeared in "The Elevator" as part of the re-cap.
  • It is possible they knew Tim Scam. They vanished 7 years ago, and Tim Scam was fired 10 years ago.
  • Their introduction poses are from the film "Charlie's Angels" and the music video "Independent Woman: Part 1" performed by Destiny's Child.
  • Their hair and looks are based from the group Destiny's Child.
    • Alice -- Michelle
    • Crimson -- Kelly
    • Pam -- Beyonce