Alex Quits
Air Date April 26, 2004
Season 02
Episode Number 18
Proceeded By Nature Nightmare
Followed By Totally Switched

Alex Quits is episode 18 of Season 2.



When Alex fails several WOOHP missions, she begins to seriously doubt her spying abilities. Then, when Jerry introduces the girls to Britney - a pretty, smart, sweet, spy-in-training who's been assigned to help them on their next mission, Alex only feels worse. In fact, she thinks she is on the verge of being replaced. When she fails again and lets a villain (who invented a device causing people to slow down) escape, she decides to quit WOOHP altogether.

In the B-story, Alex does an extra credit project for science class about molecules that helps her stop the villain, save her girlfriends and gain her confidence back.



  • Alex has to complete an extra credit assignment to pass one of her classes.
  • One of the teachers at Beverly Hills High is named Mr. Roberts.
  • Beverly Hills High uses degrees Fahrenheit for temperature conversions.
  • Goof: TiVo has misspelled the title as "Alese Quits".