Akim was an advisor to Tassara of Lyrobia (a fictional African country) who was seen in "Queen for a Day". He's very handsome and Clover developed a crush on him when the spies met him.

He was the one who saved Tassara after a kidnapping attempt with an anti-gravity ray was made on her. After Clover (disguised as Queen Tassara) was kidnapped, Akim had gone to check on Tassara's younger sister, Makeda, and informed Tassara, Samantha, and Alexandra that Makeda had also been kidnapped (although it later turns out that Makeda was behind the whole thing).

The spies and Queen Tassara managed to defeat Princess Makeda and her henchpeople, and the spies also managed to get Tassara to a peace conference in Geneva, Switzerland to sign a peace treaty with the King of a neighboring African country called Kenyopia, which ended a twenty year war between the two countries.