Air Date January 5, 2002
Season 01
Episode Number 08
Proceeded By The Fugitives
Followed By Model Citizens

Abductions is episode 8 of Season 1.



A concerned parent kidnaps Nobel Prize winners and transmits their intelligence into his son to make him the smartest student at school.

In a B-story, Clover is jealous and angry when Sam steals her part in the school play of "Les Misérables". Later both of them chase Mandy who gets the part.



  • Beverly Hills High has a theatre and Drama Club.
  • The henchmen do not know where WOOHP headquarters is located despite it being a very visible skyscraper in a W shape in the city.
  • In this episode Clover references Madonna.
  • One of the teachers at Beverly Hills High is Mr. Tedley.
  • Jerry Lewis aids the girls in their mission by disclosing an upcoming quiz subject, namely an Isaac Newton quiz in math class. Clover makes the remark "Since when do we study cookie designers in math class?" This is a reference to the Newton cookies that are often made with fig pastes inside.
  • Sam's home is located on Marmalade Street.
  • Goof: When Clover says she has a quiz to study for because Sam took her part in the play part of Clover's head scarf is colored yellow like her hair.
  • Goof: When the girls first arrive in the conference hall Clover is standing next to Sam but in the next scene Alex's shoulder is the seen next to Sam. Also Sam's hair is briefly the same color as her beret.
  • Goof: When Alex grabs Clover's ankle to keep her from being sucked into the ceiling it looks like Sam is grabbing Alex ankle but that hadn't happened yet.
  • Goof: When the girls thank Jerry all their voice can be heard but Alex's mouth isn't moving.
  • Goof: When Jerry asks the girls if they're forgetting something important the Ambassador doesn't have an ascot in his jacket pocket.
  • Goof: When Alex says "only for a best friend" her lipstick is pale pink.
  • Goof: Alex's Compowder spells "Quiz" as "Quizz".