A Thing For Musicians
A thing for musicians
Air Date November 3, 2001
Season 01
Episode Number 01
Proceeded By None
Followed By The New Jerry

A Thing For Musicians is episode 1 of Season 1.



The girls are sent undercover to pose as musicians while on a concert tour with Ricky Mathis as they attempt to find out why his music is causing people to become crazy, destructive delinquents. It's not long before they discover that Sebastian Saga, a former rock guitarist who lost his left arm in a pyrotechnical stage accident, has altered the frequencies from Ricky's music in order to brainwash the world into becoming his slaves. As Clover falls victim to his plan, it is up to Sam and Alex to save the world from the crazed fans and Sebastian.

In the B-story, Clover has a crush on Daimon Reynolds, a new boy at Beverly Hills High who plays the guitar.