A Spy is Born II
A Spy is Born II
Air Date September 19, 2003
Season 02
Episode Number 26
Proceeded By Toying Around
Followed By Physics 101 Much?

A Spy is Born II is episode 26 of Season 2.



Leaving off after part 1 of "A Spy is Born I", the director Lumiere has kidnapped Alex! Sam and Clover must follow his clues to find her, avoiding his traps along the way.

In the B-story, Sam gets a secret admirer called A.J., only to discover it is really Arnold, the school nerd.



  • A Spy is Born arc
  • The title is a reference to "A Star is Born".
  • Clover says she attends pilates class.
  • Jerry's belt buckle has a "W" logo.
  • WOOHP has a 19th Floor.


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