The Tim Scam and Samantha page.

  • It was said that Scam was in his thirties. How does that make him 35+? Scam doesn't look 40, doesn't act 40 and doesn't seem 40 in any way. Also this thing about him having worked at WOOHP 20 years ago makes no sense. Then again Scam is a genius so it's possible he worked there while he was very young, it can happen, it is not impossible. As we have seen Jerry watches prospective spies from a very early age. Also, about Sam not knowing his real age and having a crush based on that? That's really a bad argument to make. Sam didn't end what she felt for Scam because she found out his suppossed age. She read his file and still thought "Mac" was innocent and liked him. She only left Scam when she learned he was evil. Don't put things into the show that aren't there. You may not support Sam/Scam but others do. At most he's 10-13 years older than Sam and in the real world...people do end up together with that much of a difference. Let's not forget that they are both very intelligent, both leaders and Sam will always have had that crush which can't be swept under the rug. 
  • I would love to see Tim back in season 6. I especially want Sam and Tim to get together. What confuses me is in Tim's flash back "twenty years ago" we see Jerry not looking much younger. Yet in the episode we hate the eighties (or something similar) when Jerry is de-aged to twenty years younger he looks much younger than that. So I think they messed up his time line. I always saw Tim as about 9-10 years older than Sam. Him joining WOOHP would be amazing, LAMOS are all terrible villains most with childish issues while Tim is (albeit I'm biased) much more suited to WOOHP. I want more background on the guy!! :D Please!! I also hope they don't change their designs too much, you know the girls being super skinny like in Winx and Tim being a hulk like some series have done.
  • Don't worry they will have their movie designs, as for his flash back, Tim didn't look much younger either plus Jerry is in his 60s as future Sam Alex and Clover show you spying ages you fast when your old, Sam Alex and Clover were young when they started spying and are still young now so they still look cute, their 2025 selves on the other hand..... But Jerry was already old when he started woohp, ok 30s might not be old old but in the 80s while Jerry looked great for 40 he was still 40 and maybe extreme spying aged him even faster in the 80s so that when Tim had his flash back we see current Jerry. As for Scam not aging he must of always looked that old....... Tim for an older guy is hot and compared to Jerry he's young and hot, Sam when she met him seemed nice and smart so she'd have a crush on him, yet while she knew he was older she didn't know his real age, at youngest he's 35 he's likely older because he's shown to have a 20 year old flash back and he doesn't look 15 there...... Sam is smart mature and responsible and most guys her own age are not for her, she seems like a girl who could be with an older guy, yet 40 is WAY too old for Sam who at oldest is 18, so in my opinion Tim is WAY too old for her........ If Tim was 10 years older than her maybe I could see it but at youngest he's 35 that's to old for Sam in my opinion at least......  While I think Tim would be great for woohp, the sad thing is, he likes evil too much, yet I'd also love to know more about him..... But I like him evil....... If only he had an evil younger brother 12 to 14 years younger!   I do like Sam with guys a little older than her, IDK why?  I pair Sam with Dean he's smart, cool what Sam wants in a guy and a few years older which Sam might also like!
  • I'm sorry; I don't understand that argument. From what you're suggesting, you're saying that both Jerry and Tim Scam aged relatively slowly ever since their appearances in Tim's flashback, and prior to that Jerry aged extremely rapidly in between the time when he founded WOOHP and the time when he fired Scam. That still doesn't put to bed the fact that Jerry *still* doesn't appear significantly older in "I Hate The 80's" than he does in "Forward To The Past", even though the 80's episode occurred *ten* years after Jerry founded WOOHP in "Forward To The Past".   Seeing that the '20 years ago' claim was given less than a minute of air time in a single episode, while a completely different timeline features as a major theme in TWO episodes and in yet another recurring villain's personal background (Boogie Gus), it should be fair to say that in "The New Jerry", which was only the 2nd episode of Totally Spies ever, the writers of the show were still trying to figure out how things would work, and they apparently decided to scrap that initial timeline. Therefore, it should *not* be assumed that Scam is significantly older than Sam.  Sorry for the blabbing - I'm actually working on an official defense of the Sam/Scam pairing, which I hope will be completed soon, so I'm just trying to gather as much information as possible. I'm really not trying to give anyone a hard time. :)
  • Okay I really didn't mean to start a debate. And I edit completely objectively. I'd love to say on Scam's page "deep down he doesn't want to hurt WOOHP" blah, blah, but it isn't true or even hinted to and he showed no empathy for Jerry. So...really, please no more debates, I don't want to get in trouble. ^^;;; Shipping is for fun, not war. Like Sam x Jazz Hands I also like if Scam stayed evil forever. So...just chill and enjoy the wiki guys.  <3 <3 <3  If you DO think I missed information, leave a message on my wall and I will watch the episode recommended and see if it is legit enough to go on the page. <3 <3
  • Scam seems to be a clear victim of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome and or a Floating Timeline as his canon age is dubious despite being stated. While supposedly determined to be in his early thirties in his first appearance in “The New Jerry”, evidence is provided in the very same episode to suggest that is not his real age. For example, during the flashback of Scam being fired, a scene supposedly from twenty years ago, Jerry Lewis looks identically the same as he does in the present time; aged, wrinkled, and balding. Scam too appears to look the same in the clip of his “past” as he does while he is remembering it. This makes no sense as if the clip had really been from two decades ago; both Scam and Jerry should have looked visibly younger or visibly older in their present. While it can be argued that spies age slowly for some reason (the spy gene perhaps) and that is why Scam and Jerry have not aged since then, this argument is not valid as later episodes prove that characters do in fact visibly age. This fact is backed up by proof from later episodes where in “I Hate The Eighties” Jerry is shown looking a lot younger with a full head of blonde hair and almost no wrinkles when he is affected by Boogie Gus' Eightifier and made to look like his 1980's self. As the show's timeline is based on the 1990's and 2000's the way Jerry appears in “I Hate The Eighties” is how he should have looked in Scam's flashback as that is how he would have looked in 1980 or, 20 or so years ago. Additionally in “Futureshock!”, Sam, Clover, and Alex meet their future selves from 20 years into the future and all three appear evidently older than their present selves do. If spies did not age as fast as regular people then these transformations would not have taken, place either as they so did. It is most likely that the writers ignored true aging in order to make Tim Scam's first plan to pose as Mac Smit realistic. In order to make it so that it made sense why no one at WOOHP recognized Scam they chose to make him come back after twenty years, when most of the agents that would have known and worked with him would either be at different posts or no longer at WOOHP instead of only after two to three years (which is a lot likely more towards when Scam was truly fired judging by a complete lack of any apparent aging on both his and Jerry's part) because had they chosen to make him attempt to pose as another man only after that short of a time period it would not have logically worked. Scam would have easily been recognized as Tim Scam, having been their colleague in the past and because Scam did not alter his appearance in any way or don a disguise except perhaps wear brown contact lenses which would not have been, in any way enough to convince those that knew him that he was an entirely different man. Additionally, judging by the fact that Tim Scam broke out of jail no less than five times in the span of four seasons and came up with at least four elaborate revenge plans, it is not likely again that he was indeed locked up twenty years ago. It is made obvious to viewers that Scam is a character capable of developing plans very quickly (proven by his being the most reoccurring villain) so it is highly improbable that he would have sat around in prison and waited twenty years to start his “Mac Smit” plot when over the course of the show he crafted much more detailed and meticulous revenge plots in a lot less time. Even if the show’s seasons are taken to be one year apart, this means that Scam created four plots in four years, again making it hard to believe that it would have taken him a full two decades to complete his first. Based on the stated discrepancies and mistakes it is reasonable to say that Scam was probably not fired a full twenty years ago as claimed but only a few years ago instead, and that he could easily not be in his early thirties but somewhere in his twenties.