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How do i add sounds to any page?

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What are Sam, Clover and Alex last names

has it been said and i just missed it
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Fanfic recommendations?

Do you guys have any good recommendations for Totally Spies fanfics? So far, I could only find two that I like and that's the Random Moments series on and also the fic Black and White. I'm not really interested in Sam and Tim Scam but there are a lot of fics for them.
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What do you think Clovers morning routine is like?

I wanna be like Clover; she seems to always keep herself occupied but still have free time cause she balances school, working out, dating, shopping and free time
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Mandy's head expanding.

If I remember there was an episode where Mandy's head kept expanding as she was talking to represent her ego, so what episode was that?
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News of a 7th season?

Does anyone have an update on a 7th season? I have searched online and can't find anything, even a rumour would keep me happy!
I have two daughters obsessed by the show and I love the show's positive message for girls plus it's smart, entertaining and really well animated.
Any suggestions where I could find merchandise from the show would also be great, we've started on our dvd collection.
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Girls' ages & Sam = Most skilled in Martial Arts?

According to their info boxes, the girls were ages 14 - 22 in seasons 1 -6. Does that mean the girls were 14 when they started working for WOOHP?
How is Sam the most skilled in martial arts, when all three girls equally excelled in that part of the training, according to the movie?
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Should Oinky have a page?

Oinky has a profile in the movie. Should he have a separate page?
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Nemesis in infobox

Why are the spy girls automatically a nemesis for any villain? That field should be reserved for recurring villains and those who vow revenge. If they are just being bad but are caught by the girls and WOOHP/Jerry, that should not count.
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Should Seth Toyman and Seth from Toying Around be merged?

This appears to be the case where Seth Toyman retains the same character design as Seth before but has slightly different histories. In Toying Around he is arrested for breaking into a high tech lab whereas in Mandy Doll Mania he is arrested for hacking into WOOHP mainframe. Either way they use the same concept of having their toy figures carry out their plans. It would make more sense to have the two merged and explain the discrepancy, just like Alex's father is depicted differently across two episodes and how Principal Vegan is different as well.
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Love interests for infobox

Should love interests for the infobox count if the person was brainwashed or mind-controlled during the time to like the person? For example, Jerry Lewis and Myrna Beesbottom, or Mandy and Mr. Auguste.
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Split Seth articles

There are multiple Seths in the series. Can they be split up some more? There's a villain named Seth, a goth student named Seth, and then the Seth Toyman and Seth Nathan.
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Categories being removed when editing

When I'm using the wikia editor on the character pages, it is somehow removing the Categories. Can someone look into this? I'm sick and tired of being blamed for using these tools in a normal way.
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Caitlin's ethnicity

Where in the series does it discuss Caitlin's ethnicity. This is all speculation based on appearance and should not be kept on the wikia.
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Sam,Alex and Clovers Last names

I no we know that Jerry's Last Name is Lewis but do we ever find out Sam,Alex and Clover's Last Names?
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Name of episode

There's a scene from an episode where Clover's right boot is removed. She then looks at her bare foot.
Here's the link that has 5 photos from that scene:
If anyone could tell me, I'd appreciate it.
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Theory about Tim's flashback.

I believe that Tim got fired in his teens, and the flashback is just from few years before the events of "The New Jerry".
Since it's shown that Jerry recruits spies at early ages, and it's believed that Tim was orphaned as a child. So it's Jerry could have recruited Tim when he lost his parents, and possibly also because he was a genius as a child, but without any parental guidance he started doing bad things and creating stuff that wasn't approved by WHOOP - so they had to fire him (20 years before the episode).
After that he continued to do criminal things - since his criminal record is longer than Clover's list of ex-boyfriends - and managed to never get caught for years. But eventually WHOOP caught him just a few years before that episode, which is the flashback - because we only see him getting arrested, not fired.
So it's possibly that he's in his mid-twenties or early thirties in the present.
Well, that's just my theory! :D
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Manny Wong's Hair

Why is Manny Wong's hair color changed in Mani-Manic much he had blonde hair while in Baddies on a Blimp it was red
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